If you want to become the best athlete you can be then you’ve come to the right place.  I don’t care if you’re trying get your first dunk and jump higher, develop a better first step to blow by defenders, increase breakaway running speed, cut and change direction on a dime, hit or throw with greater power, and more, my online program promises to deliver.

Jeff Rowe

“After training with both the Cincinnati Bengals and University of Nevada strength staffs, and also Athletes Performance, which could arguably have the best athletic trainers in the country. I feel strongly that Travis has the knowledge and the ability to easily compare to all three. Within a few short weeks Travis improved my flexibility, improved my knowledge of both nutrition and recovery, and was a pleasure to work with. It’s great to know that I’ve found a trainer for a long time to come.”

*As the saying goes, speed kills!  And in this program you will acquire plenty of speed, and do it faster than you’d imagine.
*You will learn all of the techniques, and best methods, to take your speed to the next level.  More than anything you will maximize your power which is really the deciding factor in being able to get faster, and the rest will just fall into place once your power levels improve

Josh Barrett

“As an NFL athlete I’ve trained all over America and working with Travis, his hands on approach, challenged me as an athlete. His knowledge, passion, and work ethic is amazing. I recommend Travis to anyone who aspires to reach their athletic goals.”

*The next game changer is going to be what many refer to as “game speed.”  In other words, being faster and quicker with any movement in any moment in any direction.  Trust me when I tell you that if you are lacking “agility and quickness” in any pattern and your ability to express that pattern fast, then your weakness will be exposed and your performance will invariably suffer.
*Fortunately for you, anything you need to become a more effective and efficient athlete will be addressed, and you will have the tools to be as successful as you want to be in the agility and quickness department.

Brent Koontz

Brent had a tryout with the San Jose Sabercats of the AFL and recorded a 4.79 40 yard dash time as a linebacker. When we first began training Brent was running between 5.1 and 5.2 seconds. Over the course of one to two years Brent was able to shed approximately a half of a second off of his 40 yard dash and become much more competitive at his position.

*You will also receive a phenomenal and very “specific” strength training formula to help you take it up a notch or two or three.  The word specific is important here because the way you strength train as an athlete will be unique compared to say how a bodybuilder, or general person, needs to train.  Certain exercises have proven time and time again to be better than others for athletes, and I will show you exactly what you need to do to be your strongest, without restricting progress elsewhere in the process.

Nate Nolan

I was fortunate to meet Nate when he was a scrawny kid at 155 lbs. soaking wet, but Nate was someone who had an insatiable appetite to get better and maximize his god given genetic potential. Look at him now! Nate packed on 60 lbs. in 4 years on our program, increased his vertical jump by 9 inches (27-36”), improved his pop time from 2.2 seconds to 1.79 seconds, and he also improved his 40 yard dash by a half of a second like the rest!

*Nutrition is another area that will determine how far you can take your performance, and I’ve wrote a manual specifically for you that has been endorsed by leading authorities on the subject, that will break it all down for you.  Morever, I will clear up once and for all resounding questions such as:  Are carbs bad for you?  How much protein do I really need?  What foods are best for me as an athlete?
*Supplementation will be important to drive out even more athleticism, and that will be covered thoroughly as well for you and just add to your success.

Austin Morgan

"I really enjoyed my time with Travis. He's wholly committed to improving those he works with and his passion for performance invigorates those with whom he works. Travis has been integral in improving my athletic performance, and I'd recommend him to anyone seeking training, from the amateur to the professional level."

*Conditioning is going to be a major necessary support system in allowing you to fully develop all other athletic qualities, and recovery more efficiently and effectively.  How and what you do for conditioning is going to dictate how you perform in other areas, more so than any other style of training.  This is one of the main reasons why you need me to coach you, so that you can be at ease knowing that everything will run smoothly with zero frustration and setbacks in terms of how to properly design a program.
*Last but not least, my personal support will inevitably be to vital to your success.  Whether it be education, clearing up any pre-conceived notions that you may have, program modifications that are specific to your needs, or any other special circumstance, it’s hard to put a price on a bulletproof system and ongoing reliable support.
*I’ve been in the trenches personally working with athletes for 15 years now, logging in over 50,000 hours and counting, and I can tell you there is nothing that I haven’t seen almost at this point.  If I don’t know the answer to something I have a resource that will, and there is always a solution!
*All you need to do is invest $50 per week.  That is less than one single session with a personal trainer that you’re probably mulling over working with right now.  You have me in your corner, a system that can’t fail, and a vast amount of evidence.  What more do you need than that?!
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