If you’re reading this page then I’m guessing you’ve either probably seen or heard hundreds of ads, articles, videos, commercials, and any other media source promising you fast and permanent weight loss.  So how is what I’m about to offer you any different from the rest???
I can sum that up for you with two simple words….

Angie Christiensen

Angie dropped a remarkable 80 lbs. on our system; slimming down from 225 lbs. down to 145 lbs. Angie also has clinically confirmed hypothyroidism which makes this transformation even more impressive!

I don’t want to drag this pitch out more than what’s necessary and when it comes to fat and weight loss information words are very cheap. Rather I want to take this quick opportunity to deliver to a very powerful list of benefits associated with my elite online fat and weight loss comprehensive training program.  And tell you exactly why its the best decision you could make if your main goal is rapid, sustainable, and true fat loss.
*Finally, you’ll be able to solve what seems to be the everlasting riddle to effective fat and weight loss management once and for all.
*There is more information out there on the topic of nutrition that it will make your head spin and it’s extremely hard to decipher between fact and fiction.  Fortunately for you, I will help educate you so that you can learn and master fat and weight loss nutrition with an easy to follow blueprint utilized successfully by hundreds before you.
*With a vast food selection you will get to still enjoy foods that taste delicious and are nutrient dense so that you feel satisfied and won’t feel guilty afterwards.  Moreover, you will know precisely what and how much to eat for you and your specific fat and weight loss goals.
You wont have to worry about any unrealistic, painful, and ultra-strict approaches to eating anymore that are advocated by so many in the industry.  They will only set you up for failure unless you are an extreme fitness enthusiast, figure competitor, or bodybuilder.

Becca Ormsby

Becca at 290 lbs. on the left and 190 lbs. on the right a little over a year later. Incredible 100 lbs. transformation from simply following the Reno Speed School training and nutritional program!

*You will discover the biggest mistake that the majority are making when it comes to efficient and effective fat and weight loss.  Metabolic Resistance Training!  Research and empirical evidence has routinely shown that resistance training incinerates body fat as fast and even faster than any other method to help you reach your goals much faster. 
*Not only that, but it is the only way to make sure that you can preserve and continue to build muscle mass while dieting and losing weight, so that you will look great naked, feel and remain healthy, and also increase energy levels and perform at your absolute best in training and in life.
*These workouts are designed to meet you at your current level of fitness, so that you aren’t overwhelmed or feel that you are doing more than your body can handle, which will only increase dread, a lack of motivation, and eventually quitting the program.  Conversely, you will be pushed just enough to adapt and keep your body moving in the right direction and acquire a feeling of accomplishment that you didn’t know that you were capable of before.  One of the major reasons you need a trainer to help push beyond your perceived limits.
*This program will generate quick results, help you gain confidence and trust, and improve your current state of mental and physical health.

Jamie Jackson

Training at the Reno Speed School, Jamie not only lost an incredible 60 lbs., but she also cured herself of chronic patellar tendonitis! Proper nutrition was essential in allowing Jamie to transform her body and overall health.

*We’ve all heard how vital cardiovascular work is to health, physical appearance, and performance.  This is undoubtedly true and I will show you some of the best methods to combine both your cardio and resistance training so that you get an even more potent training effect, so you reach your goals faster.
*These methods are fun, safe, challenging, and stimulating to the mind and body.  You will have extra freedom this time around, and wont have to stand and sit on a single piece of equipment for hours at a time during the week with no end in sight.
*Instead you get to practice fun and safe routines that complement the rest of the program and keep you coming back for more..

Scott Fontecchio

Scott had horrible patello-femoral knee pain upon arrival, chronic lower back pain, and was severely overweight. His injuries have cleared up, and he's dropped 45 healthy lbs. since starting and is still grinding it out everyday. I'll be writing why "properly" performed athletic based training is so powerful and safe for physique enhancement purposes in some future articles along with lots of research I've gathered on the subject. The reality is that I see too many older men use their age as an excuse which ultimately prevents them from achieving some remarkable physique and performance outcomes. I understand the apprehension of past experiences and the current cultural stigma associated with heavy lifting and intense training methods with this population, but with the right scientific training/nutritional approach, you would be surprised what you can still do late into your 40s-60s. We've had too many guys come in over the years and challenge the norm. Physiologically, a guy at 50 can never achieve what he could have at 20, but he can still attain a pretty moderate to high percentage of his youth function which is a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

*No more wasted $ on useless supplements promising instant results that never come.  Supplements have their place once the rest of the program is in order, but pail in comparison to what weight training, proper nutrition, and cardio work have to offer.

Rene Capps

Rene is seen showing off her single digit body fat levels! Rene followed the fat loss nutritional plan used in the Reno Speed School.

*You will also receive unlimited around the clock support from me if you run into any issues with the program, or have any questions or concerns.
*With 15 years experience helping people lose weight and achieve their goals along with over 50,000 hours of training clients and counting, I’ve been able to gather information, study the science of fat and weight loss and find out what will work best for you as an individual, and you’ve seen the proof.  With all of this packaged for you, you would be paying a weekly rate that is equivalent to just one hour spent working with a personal trainer.
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